The process

In the studioPeople often wonder how I make the paintings. I often realise that many people think it´s done in an hour and then we artists just drink wine. Well I don´t do that. First it´s just a great idea that appears in my head. It needs to be great. Then I have to vision it done in my head. Following is a couple of days sketching. I do that directly on the canvas. Then you got to be sure and secure about the color matching. To see it in your head. I guess you´ve got to have a special feeling for colors.

Then I start to paint. The average time for a painting would be around 3 weeks for me. That is because it is layer on layer on layer etc A face can have 12 layers of different nyances from black all the way to white. it is a procedure. Also I many times use very small brushes even on huge paintings. I like detailing.

As they say " The Devil is in the details"