In despair of a broken relation i ran away to Paris to spend a few months with friends. Stayed in a fantastic top floor apartment in Quartier Marais that had been an artist studio. Glass roof all over. Designing and light engineering on the shelf. Didn´t even answer calls. Friends busy with work and circus school, I spent a lot of time with one friends boyfriend. Eddy. Painted, listened to music, talked a lot and him nagging me to start designing again. 
Months passed, one day he showed up with 5 big black plastic bags full of fabrics, textile, which he had begged for att the area where they produce all the clothing for Paris fashion week, tipped it all over the floors and yelled -Make something! Well, so I did. Then he took me to meet designers in the city to show them my creations. They gave me some cheering and I got my confidence back. And lust for creations.
This lead to that I made my way back to Sweden and so I went to the banks to ask for a loan. My idea was to create a fashion show that nobody had seen before. Something spectacular. So I spent a few months creating, with help on sewing, and planning. And my idea was to not have models on the catwalk, but cool and sexy everyday people. The ones that all people in the bars and clubs wanted. In the meantime, some people offered me a place for a shop. It kinda belonged to a Rock club. ANd they had the interior done by a famous designer named Abelardo Gonzales. Wicked place made of concrete, neon and metal. Remember. This is the eightees.
Also I had many other designers prepare for the fashion show. Or maybe 5. Sold a lot of tickets. Full house. I remember peeking behind the curtains and saw all these glamorous people sitting around the catwalk, watching the other designers work, cool soft music, and I was rubbing my hands and thinking Prepare! So when my turn there was loud hip hop like The public enemy and such as, my cool good looking models from the streets, and my clothes either leather with leopard, or handpainted jeans and jackets with comic book characters and explosions and else. Haha it was a bang! 
After there was the opening of my new shop, red carpet and champagne. Even though I was very nervous as I spent all the bank loan on one occasion, I sold out all my stock in one week! Happy days!