I was at home Friday night, kids sleeping watching a famous TV show with a Mr Luuk. There was an interview with David Byrne. Formal leader and singer of the band Talking Heads. He had come out with a new album. Feelings. And when they showed the cover I jumped in the sofa. It was a total rip off of my brochure I had spread in NY one year earlier. I knew David lived in SOHO and was some kind of artist as well, and of course he knew the gallery people, so someone had of course given him my brochure, and he thought, wow cool, let´s do a copy of this infamous Swedish artist that no one cares about on my next cover.

Album cover

Well I thought it was fun and an honour. Didn´t really bother. But the next day the phone started to ring and it was the Swedish tabloid press screaming about -What are you gonna do? Sue him? I heard Warner music was a little nervous, but hey. I told the press it´s 1-1. I got so much inspiration from the Talking Heads album Remain in light so I was thankful. End of story